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Events Contact List Management Service

User friendly platform with planners tools such as event invitation and RSVP apps. Engage attendees and guests from start to the end of event with this advance contact management software service. We provide events contact management service at RM200 per event.
Contact us now and let us handle your contacts for your upcoming event!

Manage Event, Attendance, Owners, etc.

If you are short of helpers, we can assist you by handling your contact list professionally. Careful management of all your participant's contact information may convert them to be your prospects in future.

Create Multiple Events

You can request to create multiple events and apply to the same contact list or organise different events with new batch of event participants. iCRM Contact Manager is capable of handling unlimited events for your company.

Enter Event Attendance & Event Person In Charge

Manage attendance on multiple sessions. Highly recommended for companies which organizes multiple events with different person in charge from the company. Each events can be assigned to different host individuals for efficient event attendance management.

Send Event Registration

We will help you to blast out SMS with event details to check if potential participants are interested in RSVP with your event. This feature allows you to reduce cost in contacting the participants individually and saves time.

QR Code Attendance

Event or conference organizers with large attendance crowd may use QR Code for participants to automate check in process. Once participants has RSVP for your event, QR codes will be generated and sent to the participants at any point of time. Participants just need to scan the QR code at event entry point on specified date. This reduces the number of staff needed during the participant admission, thus saves event’s operational cost.

Send Survey Form

During the events, organizers can directly send out survey forms to participants via SMS instead of using physical papers. The contact management system will ease event organizer’s work load by automating the feedback segment with accurate data.