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iSMS Indonesia offers different SMS Credit packages for your SMS Marketing Campaign. You can choose the best package for your usage. If you are new to our services, you can register as our member and get free trial.

Our service features:

  • No Setup fee or Monthly fee
  • Covers ALL Mobile Operators in Indonesia
  • SMS credits valid for one (1) year.
  • Delivery Report Available.

Free Demo Credits

You can try to send SMS through iSMS Indonesia platform before make any purchases.Get the demo PIN through SMS and reload 10 free demo credits into your own iSMS account. Click Here for Quick Start Guide

e.g (62 + Mobile Code* + Local No.)

Packages Price Per SMS (USD) Total Amount (USD)  
isms 500 credits 0.0250 USD 13

Please contact us if you have any problem.
E-mail :

isms 1,000 credits 0.0245 USD 25
isms 3,000 credits 0.0240 USD 72
isms 5,000 credits 0.0235 USD 118
isms 10,000 credits 0.0230 USD 230
isms 20,000 credits 0.0225 USD 450
isms 35,000 credits 0.0220 USD 770
isms 50,000 credits 0.0215 USD 1075
isms 100,000 credits 0.0210 USD 2100
isms 500,000+ credits For more credits, please contact our sales team!